The One Thing You Need to Stand Out and Achieve Everything You’ve Dreamed of – Includes

The One Thing You Need to Stand Out and Achieve Everything You’ve Dreamed of

Disaster struck! And you have only 10% of your hearing left. How hard would it be to listen to Beethoven or Mozart? How hard would it be to play Beethoven classics together with an orchestra – in front of thousands of people – when you only have 10% of your hearing left?

It should have been impossible for a blind person to win the highly competitive Master Chef USA Series. That is until Chef Christine Ha won Master Chef and amazed everyone with the impossible. Listen to her talk here:

And now across the causeway, Dr. Azariah Tan, who is almost deaf has become a World Class pianist. Listen to his story here at
Think about your current circumstances. What has stopped you from achieving your dreams, from living a life of meaning and purpose? Could it be that you’re just missing one thing? The one thing that would transform your life.

How did Dr. Azariah conquer the odds and succeed in spite of debilitating odds? His loving father, Leslie Tan, stood by him and believed in his son’s amazing musical gift. His father believes that no matter how gifted or how resilient a person is, the support and faith of a loved one is just as important for the person to stand out. With your loved ones standing by you, no matter how difficult the journey, you can achieve the impossible.

There are always friends and loved ones standing by you, waiting patiently and lovingly for you to stand out. Supportive friends and family are the keys to your future success. So surround yourself with people who love and support you. It’s the one thing that will push you, encourage you and love you to success.

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