SOSM Real Stories – Includes

SOSM Real Stories

Ms Cheok Zein Yiin

Ms Cheok Zein Yiin, 26, was diagnosed with Glaucoma at the age of 16. She completely lost her sight at the age of 21. At an age where most youths would have started pursuing their dreams, Yen Yin has to face a life living in complete darkness. Lost and depressed Yen Yin spent much of her time at home, except for the times her family takes her out for outings she had no contact at all with the outside world. Despite getting good results in her A levels she found difficulties in finding institutions that was willing to accept her. Her family was very worried about her as sh

e was started losing interest in her own life. Her brother approached us about her problem and we start to provide support for her. It took us awhile to reach out to her but after counselling, rehabilitation and her newfound faith in God, she has showed much recovery and is willing to accept her disability. Now, just like any other youths, she has found the determination to pursue her dreams courageously. Yen Yin is now living her dream to pursue a career in music and is poised to earn her Diploma in Piano within the next 2 years.

Teh Yun Sean

Teh Yun Sean, 4, was born with Glaucoma and needed surgery on his surgery on his left eye to prevent further optic nerve damage. Since then he has to use 2 different Glaucoma eye drops and regular checks to prevent further vision loss. Being a baby, he was administered general anesthetics for every eyecheck. Born to a poor family the boys mother had to work from home as a seamstress in order to take care of him. His treatments in General Hospital requires them to travel from Klang. His father earns his living as van driver. When Yun Seon mother contacted us for help, we started to counsel the family and is still seeking for a local ophthalmologist that is willing to manage her sons condition. Our missions hope to meet this need soon as this would certainly help to provide some relief to this family.

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