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Stevens Chan Kum Fai

In 2002, the world that Stevens Chan knew came to an end. As an active businessman, Stevens was living a regular life, just like any normal person. However, disaster struck, as he found out that he had Glaucoma, an eye disease that can cause blindness. Even after nine eye surgeries, he gradually lost all of his vision in 2007. With the loss of sight, came the loss of hope. He was forced to face with daunting challenges. Hospitals bills, loss of income and the effort to adapt himself to his new environment are some of the most difficult things a person can go through.

However, it was in the darkest period, that he discovered light. It came in the form of his faith in God, and his loving wife, that stood by him, unwavering in her love and support. He felt that God was sustaining him and knew that in Him he could put his trust.

Soon, despair turned into a sense of mission. Stevens found a new calling in his life – to stop what happened to him from happening to others. To achieve this, he founded SOSM & Malaysia Glaucoma Society, and continues to spread the word and raise awareness of the importance of yearly eye check-up. He also wants to help Glaucoma victims and support them so they’ll have the strength to continue living with sight impairment.

Stevens Chan Kum Fai

Also the founder of SOSM, Stevens was a corporate professional and active businessman up until the year 2007 when he lost all his vision due to Glaucoma, an eye disease that causes blindness. He then founded two non-profit organizations, Malaysia Glaucoma Society and Save Ones Sight Missions Bhd, with the objectives of educating the public on preventing unnecessary blindness and also to help patients with different eye disorders cope with handling the changes that occur with the disease.

Stevens also started the Dogs for Sight campaign and stresses the importance of “independence of mobility” amongst the visually impaired.

In 2012, Stevens also founded the Malaysian Chapter of Dialogue in the Dark, a German based social enterprise. Dialogue in the Dark provides training programs to train the visually impaired (VI) to be trainers and guides at the same time creating job opportunities for them.

Kaye Chan

Kaye Chan, married to Stevens Chan at the age of 28 is also the co-founder of Malaysia Glaucoma Society and SOSM. Kaye has been a pillar of strength to Stevens in his journey and they both share the same passion of reaching out to the unreached; fighting causes of unnecessary blindness. Staying true to her mission of bringing awareness of the importance of eye health to the public, she has given her life to serving the underprivileged.

Toh Mee Peng

Toh Mee Peng has been actively involved with SOSM since its inception. With her management skills as an agency manager of an insurance company, she has provided support in the different campaigns of SOSM. Her heartbeat is to help the underprivileged with their needs and to offer assistance in as many ways as she can.


Vision – Stop unnecessary blindness


Awareness – Promoting eye health programs through Climb for Sight, Journey of Sight, Run for Sight, Hunt for Sight, Race in the Dark etc.

Accessibility – Eye health screening programs for adults and children

AID – Eye surgery or treatment sponsors and providing spectacles for the under privileged

Attitude – Providing job trainings and opportunities to the visually impaired

Be A Volunteer

Our volunteers play an important role in our work, contributing their time, talent and energy to change the lives of people in need of eye care and contributing to many early detections through our eye checks. There are various ways for individuals/corporations to be involved with SOSM.
Volunteers can choose to contribute in areas such as:

Helpers at eye check-ups

We are also in need of trained volunteers in the field of:


A Sight Guardian is a volunteer from the community working as a liaison between the service providers (vision centres and service centre) and the community. His/ her primary job is to “keep an eye on the eye health of the people”.


Each Sight Guardian serves a population unit of 400 – 5000.

Criteria for Sight Guardian

  • Either male or female preferably in the age group of 18 to 35 years (can be relaxed on the basis of the abilities and interest of the candidates).
  • Education – No bar. Basic reading and writing skills are preferred.
  • Occupation – Ability to spare some time.
  • Commands respect, is well accepted in the community.
  • Shows genuine interest and commitment towards the job.
  • No objection from the decision maker in the family.

Role of Sight Guardian

  • Create general awareness in the community about eye care.
  • Screen individuals for distance and near vision and other common eye conditions.
  • Follow-up patients referred to Vision Centre / Service Centre in his / her area.
  • Provide assistance in organizing awareness programs and school screening in his / her area.

Selection Procedure of Sight Guardians

  • Local representatives will provide a list of candidates interested in the position.
  • along with local representatives, will interact with the candidates and select Sight Guardians from the list through verification of their competence and willingness.

Benefits for the Sight Guardians

  • Duration : 1 days – Full time.
  • Faculty : Optometrist.
  • Syllabus.
  • Structure of the eye.
  • Common eye conditions (The ABCs of Vision Problems).
  • Presbyopia.
  • Screening for distance & near vision.
  • Dispensing readymade near vision glasses for presbyopia.
  • Role of vision guardians.
  • Work planning.
  • Maintaining records.

Allocation of Project Area/ Villages to Sight Guardian

Each sight guardian is expected to address the eye care needs of a population of 400 – 5000. The number of villages/ size of geographic area allotted to a sight guardian will depend upon the population density and size of individual villages. If the population density is very low, the geographic allotted to a vision guardian should not be too large so that it becomes impractical for him/ her to provide services adequately to the entire area.

Persatuan Glaucoma Malaysia (0503-09-WKL)
Also known as Malaysia Glaucoma Society
Date of Establishment: 30th March 2009
Registered Address: 6-4, Jalan Metro Pudu, Fraser Business Park, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact number: 012-2035410

Office Bearers

President: Chan Kum Fai
Vice President: Toh Mee Peng
Secretary: Wong Kam Kiew
Treasurer: Tai Poh Kim
Committee Members: Cheong Wai Quan

Our Vision

Making Glaucoma Visible to all Malaysians.

Mission Statements

  • Conducting comprehensive eye health checks nationwide for all people irregardless of race and religion.
  • Conducting glaucoma eye health talks nationwide.
  • Conducting various types of both indoor and outdoor public events to create more awareness on glaucoma.
  • Forming and supporting glaucoma patients support groups nationwide.
  • Providing and tabulating relevant data to recognized Institutions for glaucoma research.
  • Providing moral and counseling support to glaucoma patients and their families.
  • Providing and seeking for financial aid to help treat needy glaucoma patients locally.
  • Coordinate and work closely with all relevant and related NGOs, professional bodies and government agencies to make glaucoma more visible to the general public.
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