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Shop and Buy our Specially Formulated and Grounded Gourmet Coffee Beans
or Powder as well as Deliciously Prepared Pre-Baked Pastries from our
Shop Includes available NOW at:




Order our Delicious Coffee and Pastries for your Lunch and Tea Breaks at
our Café Includes available NOW at :



Support our Impaired Teams Individual Goals and desired dream to be SEEN
as a Contributor and no longer a Burden by subscribing to our CEO
Instant Healthy Coffee plans NOW available:


More info and stories about the team :

For your info the above mentioned Digital Stores are co-operated and
managed by our trained impaired guides and facilitators. These Digital
Stores enables them to continue earning remotely even during lockdown

We look forward to the Day where we can have a Cup of Coffee and a
Croissant with you face to face without the Masks; A Coffee and Pastry
that can Change the Life of an impaired youth and child.

But for now, we look forward to your virtual support.

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