Dance & Music Includes – Includes

Dance & Music Includes

The Power of Dance and Music. Too often our world seems to be filled with bits and fragments that don’t make sense but then we hear the Music that makes the world so whole and coherent once again.

‘Music is far more important than Philosophy and Physics, for the patterns in  Music and all the Arts are the keys to Learning’ -Plato

Dance and Music to transform this Lives ?

About the Technology

Soundbeam is an award-winning ‘touch free’ device which uses sensor technology to translate body movement into music and sound. It gives children and adults the opportunity, regardless of their impairment of disability, to play music

Our Mission

We want to bring the Dance and Music Includes Workshops to the estimated 55,000 Special Needs Children and Youths studying in over 5,000 Special and Integrated Schools nationwide that can hopefully transform their Learning and Living!

Help us bring this much needed Joy and Hope to this Special Children by your Giving in Time and/or Finance. Connect with us to make a difference to this Special Lives