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Art Includes – Celebrating Diversities !

We at Art Includes aims to provoke inclusion thru the many diverse faces of arts irregardless of Race, Religion and of course Abilities ! Arts must and can be celebrated because the Language of Arts itself  is universal and  barriers-free. Arts if allowed to be enjoyed without judgement can transcend all barriers and build a Universal Bridge of Inclusion.

At Art Includes we curate diverse Art events such as Installation and Experiential Arts thru Arts Beyond Sight,  Music and Comedy thru Concert in the Dark and the Culinary Arts thru Cuisine in the Dark.

Visitors experience these events without their most important sense i.e Sight. These experiences allow the visitors to engage with the Artists who are mostly Disabled thru  conversations with our ultimate  aim of invoking and fostering inclusion and empathy. Abled Artists have also been invited to take part in these events alongside their fellow Disabled Artists which have forged  unusually creative  collaborations along the way.  When the roles are reversed perhaps Inclusion in Diversities can be ignited !

1. Arts Beyond Sight with renowed artist Ch’ng Seok Tin at Penang Georgetown Festival and Causeway Exchange Festival (Singapore) in 2016

2. Arts Beyond Sight in conjunction with Blossom Arts Festival Malaysia; in collaboration with artist Poesy Liang held at Wisma MCA in 2017

1. Cuisine Theatre in the Dark with Masterchef Christine Ha in 2015

2. Cuisine in the Dark with Harvard Krokodiloes in 2016

1. Musical in the Dark in 2014

2. Concert in the Dark with the Harvard Krokodiloes in 2016

3. Concert in the Dark with Causeway Exchange in 2017