Our Education Programmes – Includes

Our Education Programmes

We believe Learning should begin with Dialogues and starts with Acceptance

Our Vision – Illuminating Capabilities by Crafting Hope

Includes Academy was started by Save Ones Sight Mission Bhd (a non-profit organisation) in collaboration with DID MY Academy and DID MY Innovations with an  ultimate aim of  providing diverse and inclusive learning platforms to equip, enable  and empower the children, youths and adults stricken with all forms of Physical Disabilities and Medical Complications  to have opportunities to gain more knowledge and experience in order to attain self-sufficiency financially.

And our Academy Journey starts with the Children..

Academy Includes

Virtual Tuition for visually, hearing and physically  impaired children from ages 7-17 to learn government syllabus online from primary 1 to O-levels

It then continues with..

the Youths and Adults

> School of DID

Trained as Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue Games and coming soon Dialogue in Silence experiential learning guides and facilitators of between 3-6 months.

Our beneficiaries will be paid with a Training Allowance. In this School they will learn among other skills Communication, English, Interaction and Grooming etc.

Upon graduation they will then be moved to the following schools :

  • School of Tele Marketing and Customer Service
  • School of Massage Theraphy
  • School of Virtual Tuition
  • School of Urban Farming
  • School of Café Operations
  • School of e-Commerce

Learning Includes

Dance and Music Includes

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