“Anyone Can Cook!” Said Gusteau as he tried to convince Remy in the Disney movie Ratatouille.

But really, can anyone cook? I thought that was impossible.

Then came Christine Ha. The first blind winner in the history of MasterChef. After listening to the news that a visually-impaired American Vietnamese won Season 3 of USA MasterChef series, this narrative became real and not just a narrative from a cartoon movie.

Perhaps the scriptwriter had access to a crystal ball when he scripted this infamous line. That he somehow knew that one day, the narrative that anyone can cook will be proven right. Chef Christine Ha broke many judgmental perspectives when she won the highly competitive MasterChef series. Listen to her TEDTalk here:

Cooking requires not just a written recipe. It requires more hard work then one might think. It may be a standard recipe, but why does it taste so different to the same dish cooked by different person. What made Chef Christine Ha stand out from her peers during the competition?

The odds were stacked against her – She had to cook without sight.

Gordon Ramsay went on to say that she had more on her plate than the rest of her peers.

She was not even afraid to touch her hot dish to visualize her created plate! Christine Ha once said being blind makes her want to live her life even more fearlessly!

Is fear stopping you from standing out?

Come and meet MasterChef Christine Ha. She’ll be sharing her fearless journey to stand out alongside other acclaimed differently-abled artists and entrepreneurs like the Voice of our Nation Patrick Teoh and hearing-impaired professional pianist – Dr Azariah Tan from Singapore.

Come and be impacted by these amazing group of people who refuse to be impaired by their disabilities. If they can do it, what’s stopping you from standing out?

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