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By buying Coffee Includes, you’re helping our team of visually, physically, mental and hearing impaired beneficiaries realize their personal goals and dreams to be seen as a contributor rather than a burden to the society and their families. 

Surendran pictureSurendran Ravintharan facebook

I’m Surendran. I’m 20 years old. I was born blind due to a nerve problem. In the last Para Asian Game, I represented Malaysia. Before that, I represented my own state which is Melaka. I won two gold and silver medals. The challenge for me now is that I had to stop the training due to some medical issues, but I want to become a trained coach where I can train other visually impaired people.

Athirah pictureAthirah Ahmad facebook

Hi, my name is Athirah. I am 27 years old and I come from Sri Aman, Sarawak. I was born totally blind as a prematured baby. When I was six years old, my father told me that I am blind, although to me that has always been my world. At ten years old, my mum sent me to a special school at Kuching, Sarawak. When I was in Form Three, a friend brought me to see a teacher who was coordinating all sports-related matters, and my friend asked him to include my name to participate in athletic sports. With training, I soon represented Sarawak together with my friend and went to Melaka for the National Competition. Thank God, I won a silver medal for that. One day, I want to continue being a runner and an athlete. Thank you.

Matthew pictureMatthew Cheah facebook

Hi, I am Matthew, 22 years old.  I am from Cheras. I am partially blind due to a genetic eye disease. This disease is called Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, whereby one of the uniqueness is I have 6 toes in both legs. Other than that, my retina has some red dots which may cause blindness. I still have 20 percent of eyesight.  I can still see lights, shapes and colors.

I learn gymnastic and I have a medal for it.  I have also learnt abacus before. Since 8 years old, I have been doing Taekwondo, and I have a black belt and I hope to compete in  a Taekwondo competition. I also learn swimming which I love, and I see it as my hobby. I have another hobby which is listening to Korean music. I also learn piano and I am now in Grade 6. I would like to be an accomplished pianist. I went to a special school in Setapak. I re-sat for my SPM there and I felt that I am able to study with blind friends too.  My dream is to be an entrepreneur to help Visually Impaired people by giving them a job opportunity and to motivate them.

Mohd ShafiriMohd Shafiri facebook

My name is Shafiri and I am 36 years old. I gradually lost my eye sight since very young. Now I am totally blind. However, I am still enjoying my life, I have been married for four years and my wife is sighted.

When my parents first knew that I was having an eye problem, they were in panic and was very worried about my future. They went everywhere and asked everybody. One day someone told them that there is a school for visually impaired, they were very happy, but the challenge was the distance was very far. My hometown is at Kota Bharu, and the school was in Johor Bahru. But they decided to send me to that school so that I could have a better future.

When I first starting schooling, I felt that it was very difficult when I needed something, and my parents were not around. But the good thing was, I learned how to be independent. I learnt a lot of new skill, esspecially the Braille writing. I also have the chance to enter an ordinary school for my primary education. The challenge at this level is my teacher doesn’t have any experience in teaching a blind student.

Sometimes, I need to retype the textbooks. Learning together with sighted students is the most exciting experience. Finally, I was able to complete my degree at the University of Malaya. After that, I worked with a few companies until someone told me about Dialogue In the Dark.

After joining Dialogue In the Dark, I can see the world from a different perspective. I can share many things to the community. At this moment, my goal is to set up my own business and set up the most accessible resort where everybody can enjoy the holidays.

Michelle Ting pictureMichelle Ting facebook

My name is Michelle. I am a Sabahan. I have been blind for the past 14 years due to an eye disease called Glaucoma. Glaucoma has no cure and the doctor told me that I will turn blind one day. I accepted this piece of news with a positive and open mind. I never fail in meeting my doctor in every eye checkup. One day, one of the eye specialists came to thank me for my spirit of never giving up which had inspired her to continue to believe her profession is meaningful work. With the limited vision that I had, I equipped myself by learning braille and learning the usage of the white cane. In 2014, I joined Dialogue in the Dark through an activity. It gave me an opportunity to share and educate visitors on the importance of eyes and also promoting empathy. My dream is to become an entrepreneur to open a therapy centre where I can share my knowledge and experiences to empower my fellow blind friend to be financially independent.

Steven Looi pictureSteven Looi Yuong Chiat facebook

Hi, my name is Steven Looi. I’m thirty-eight years old. Totally blind since ten years old due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, with age, the cells in my retina will deteriorate further. When I was fourteen years old, the doctor already notified me that I will be blind one day, I was very sad for two weeks. But after two weeks, I have a vision that I want to more independent and not being over-protected by my family. I remember when I was seventeen years old, normally my parents will fetch me from home to school and back. At that time, I was thinking how do I go home from school by using the bus. My secondary school was at Pudu which was two kilometers away, I managed it without any problems.  I have never been to a special school, and only have large print question papers for PMR and SPM. When I became blind, I was intrigued by the world of sports for the blind. I became a national athlete and represent Malaysia in Blind Judo for fifteen years. In Malaysia, I was the first blind man who obtained a scuba diving license. My dream is to be the first blind MMA fighter and obtain an Advanced Open Water scuba diving license, so that I can go for a night dive.

Irfan Harith (narrated by his mother, Nor Hayatee Abdullah, a single mother herself) facebook

Hi, My name is Irfan Harith born in 1978.Born a normal child but unfortunately l had very high fever at the age of 5, with fits due to very high temperature.. My mum was working l was home with maid and she did not do anything until evening when my mum came home.According to doctors due to high fever it damaged certain part of my brain and affected my communicative motor. I was hospitalized more than 6 months until l was 6 years old. I could not speak and my mental growth was slow as they have to give me strong medications to help me through the fever.
They did brain drainage as my skull was swelling and body could not take the heat for long. My mum told me that if this night l had my last attack of fits and if l could not recover l not make it at all even if l can make it it will affect my brain. So here l am going in and out of hospital and survived the ordeal and being a person with learning difficulties and considered a person with special needs.

I am lucky my mum took me to a speech therapist, put me in special school, teach me to read and write until l am able to be very independent. It was a long never ending struggle for my mum, left by my dad as he could not handle my situation and condition. l know what my mum is going through being a mum and dad at the same time to take care of me and my little sister.

God is always merciful eventhough we do not have much but mum always work triple hard to earn a living, she worked and multi tasking too to get things for us. She is trying to make me more independent and be self sufficient.

I am happy to be given the chance to work. : At a bakery and helped to bake breads and pastries, worked as a cutter for a Japanese Cafe, worked in an Audit Office as Office Assistant and now helping and doing the chores in the cafe at DID ..
There is always hope when they are people who are kind and always supportive of individuals like me, please do not label us as we are too just human as the rest with extra sensitive feelings and hope to be accepted in the society. We can contribute well if we are given the chance.

Thank you

nicholas pictureNicholas facebook

Hey Buddies!

I’m Nicholas, you may call me Nicky it’s just as good!

I’m a counsellor/coach/therapist in the making, and I need AMAZING Folks like YOU to make My DREAMS a REALITY!

I was that Adventurous Bright kid who lost his sight in the left eye at age 8, and underwent several corrective surgeries to the right eye, which thankfully gave me good vision in one eye and became little Jack Sparrow of sorts!

One eye… No Problem!!

Add to this was my hearing impairment which gave me the chance to wear my first hearing aids at age 10. I felt perfectly normal despite my dual disabilities and enjoyed many stuffs an ordinary kid would do. I completed my SPM, A Levels and studied Psychology at HELP Institute back in 2004 (now HELP University).

I was forced to abandon my Psychology studies due to straining my eye unnecessarily.  I moved on to freelance work ranging from article/blog writing for clients, proof-reading and editing, and ventured into direct sales with Cosway, to earn some income.

Disaster struck in 2012 when my right eye vision deteriorated and later it was diagnosed as scarring of the retina. After some of the scars were removed during a procedure, my vision was about 5 percent thereafter, and by early 2013 it was only sensitive to light.

Hence, with this vision almost gone and hearing impaired, I was struggling to find some groundwork. I had the spirit never to give up, and I was determined to bounce back somehow.

And BOUNCE back, I DID!!

I enrolled in the rehabilitation programme at the Malaysian Association for the Blind, Brickfields (MAB), and learned Braille, using the white cane, computer skills and daily living skills.

My big achievement came when I finally mastered the JAWS screen reader software that eventually opened the doors to my most treasured world: computer and Internet.

I have to thank all those creators of assistive technologies for the VIPs because without them we will still be living in ‘darkness.’  There was no turning back now; I enrolled and completed my Diploma in Counselling and obtained a Bachelor in Metaphysics too.  Now, in the midst of completing my Masters in Metaphysics which is the important part of my goal of becoming a counsellor/coach, and begin providing my services for the disabled community, the marginalized and other life issues.  During my free time I’m either listening to audio books or music, surfing the Internet for news and other information, exercising/yoga, playing chess online/offline.  I also long to play blind golf again as I did some golf practice a couple of years ago… miss it immensely!

There you go… My Story!!

What happens next when OPPORTUNITY knocks on My door, an OPPORTUNITY to generate INCOME ONLINE?  I GRAB IT!!

Thanks to DID Malaysia, I’ve been privileged to be part of its online business programme to promote the CEO Coffee brand.

It’s one of the most AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING venture that I’ve embarked upon, and with the wonderful support and training from the SUPERB folks at DID, I’m DEFINITELY going to reap the REWARDS from this OPPORTUNITY!!

Your support is MOST IMPORTANT for me. Here’s my BIG THANK YOU for clicking on the order link to PURCHASE and ENJOY the Welcoming Aroma of CEO Coffee!


peter picturePeter Khor facebook


My name is Peter Khor.This is my story .  This is my song.

I was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2011 . Due to the late discovery, I lost my sight at a rapid pace in both my eyes. In 2012, I was hospitalised on 3 occasions with 43 outpatient hospital visits for major eye operations and infections. There were times in my eye treatments when I had to administer eye drops 41 times a day to my eyes. I completed my treatment in February 2013 with another major operation.  At the end of the treatment and medical management by 5 dedicated teams of doctors in 2 hospitals I was medically classified a blind person with only 6% sight left in one eye, blind in the other.. I joined the ranks of a differently abled person. I record my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to the teams of dedicated and caring doctors and medical staff at both Selayang and Sg Buluh Hospital.

Thank God I was not alone in my journey into this new darkness. God did not leave me nor forsake me. He walks with me , He talks to me. This poem aptly describes my situation:

When all around me is darkness

And earthly joys have flown

My Savior whispers His promise

Never to leave me alone

Miraculously within 3 years, I learnt and developed new living skills. God led me into independent living. I began to read and write again. The greatest joy was to be able to read my Bible and move forward in my spiritual life.I returned to full-time work by end 2017. In 2019, I enrolled into AIM Christian College to know God Better. In September 2019,  I had the opportunity to serve the differently abled community by just being their friend, counselor, trainer and coach. Such community work is challenging physically, emotionally and financially.

I appeal to your generosity and kindness to support this work in the differently abled community. Many more can live independently like myself.

If you are a coffee drinker you need only buy a pack of healthy coffee from me every month.  It will only cost you RM40 per month.  If you are not a coffee drinker please buy one pack for someone who does.

Thanking you in anticipation. God bless you and your family always.

Blessed Regards

Peter Khor

016 3682409

Louis Prem picture Louis Prem facebook

Hello Friends! I am J. Louis Prem, who enjoyed a nationwide reputation as a one man band digital keyboardist and composer is not only a musician but also a CEO Coffee Consultant and a blind therapist. Losing my vision and relying on hearing aids was not the end for me. Simptoms of vision and hearing loss started at the age of 7. I found things getting dim at home and school. I was told by the opthalmologist and audiologist that my sight and hearing would gradually fail and that I will be handed a blind pan’s white cane and a pair of hearing aids.

By the age of 14 the lights in my world were turned off and darkness has been the order of the day ever since. My studies at a sighted school were disrupted and I had to continue in braille at a school for the blind. I received four years of musical education from a sighted teacher at one of the leading complexes in Kuala Lumpur and continued my studies in United States for seven years. I took up day living courses at the Malaysian Association FOR THE Blind in Brickfields Kuala Lumpur for 2 years. During my long career as a one man band keyboardist, I played many numbers by popular artists around the world. I have played at Auditorium Besar Angkasapuri before the presence of His Royal Highness, the King and Queen, Prime Minister, all other ministers in addition to weddings, open air shows and charity shows. I have branched out of music to take up massage, specializing in foot reflexology and body therapy at the Malaysian AssociQ for the Blind and traveled around Asia, to learn from professional therapists from all over the world like America, Australia, China, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. With over 32 years of massage experience, I have learned to create new techniques to relieve body and improve health. My blindness and reliance on hearing aids will not deter me from achieving my goal of opening a new massage parlour and employing blind masseurs in the future. I am now connected with an e-Commerce programme own and operated by DID MY, to promote CEO Coffee. My dreams are aimed at to gradually garner a national reputation as a CEO Coffee Executive!

Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you.

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