Art Includes 2019 - Celebrating Diversities

Profile of Sristi K.C.

Sristi K.C. grew up with a love of dance, until aged 16 she went blind.

On her first attempt to again dance she fell off the stage. Her school principal sent her back on and Sristi learned that she might fall but she should rise up.

She attained first class honors in a Bachelor in Humanities and Social Science, and realised blindness was her condition not her identity. She received many dance invitations but was shocked dancing schools refused to accept her. Based on the principle dance is an art without limits, and that no one should be excluded, Sristi founded Blind Rocks! in 2013 with the aim of empowering blind and visually impaired people.

She has traveled to more than twenty countries, empowering, performing and conducting dance, interpersonal skills, theatre, fashion and adventure workshops.

In 2012 she undertook a leadership course for social visionaries in Kanthari International in Kerala India where she still works as a catalyst. She did an International joint master’s degree in Dance Practice, Knowledge and Heritage in Choreomundus, where she studied in Norway, France, Hungary and the UK. She is a recipient of a WOW – Women Achievers Award 2018 in Social activism, a National Youth Award 2016 from the Youth Ministry Government of Nepal, a Youth Excellence Award 2013 in Kerala India, and in 2018 the Blind Rocks Movie based on her life and work to empower the blind was released across Nepal.