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Art Includes 2019 - Organizer Overview

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Founder Story

  • In 2002, the world that Stevens Chan knew came to an end. As an active businessman, Stevens was living a regular life, just like any normal person. However, disaster struck, when he found out that he had Glaucoma, an eye disease that causes blindness. Even after nine eye surgeries, he gradually lost all of his vision in 2007.
  • However, it was in this darkest period that he discovered light. It came in the form of his faith in God, and his loving wife, who stood by him, unwavering in her love and support.
  • Slowly, despair turned into a sense of mission. Stevens found a new calling in his life – to prevent what had happened to him from happening to others. To achieve this, he founded Malaysia Glaucoma Society and later on, Save Ones Sight Missions Bhd (a non- profit organization), with a vision of stopping and preventing unnecessary blindness, supporting patients with different eye disorders cope with handling the changes that occur with the disease.
  • As the founder of Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia (DID MY Academy), Stevens now hopes that, through the medium of darkness, people will learn to discover empathy, to love and appreciate light and not to take their GOD given eyesight for granted, while equipping, enabling and empowering the visually impaired community & enlightening the Sighted community towards empathy to move beyond sight!

Statistic On Disabilities

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that there are more than 1 billion people all around the world who live with some form of disabilities.

In Malaysia, over 443,000 people with disability are registered with the Welfare Department (Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia)

Based on the 2016 National Report for Special Education by The Ministry of Education, there is a total of 76,166 school-going students with disabilities in Malaysia.

What We Do

We engage and equip children, youths and adults with all forms of Disabilities and Medical Challenges with all the relevant skills needed to be empowered for attaining self- sufficiency in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of equal education and economic opportunities to achieve zero-poverty in Malaysia and beyond

These primary target beneficiaries are further equipped with various skills in communications, linguistics and PR before moving them to other job and enterprise skills training schools within this academy. These schools include:

  • School of Aromatherapy
  • School of Urban Farming
  • School of Tele-Marketing
  • School of Virtual Tuition
  • School of Dance and Music
  • School of Café Kiosk

School of Aromatheraphy

School of Urban Farming

School of Telemarketing

School of Virtual Tuition

School of Dance and Music

School of Café Kiosk

Past Events

The Havard Krokodiloes 2016 World Tour
The Havard Krokodiloes 2016 World Tour
Concert in the Dark 2018 with DID Taipei
Concert in the Dark 2018 with DID Taipei
World Urban Forum 2018
Kancil Festival 2018

Media Feature

Awards & Recognitions

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