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Includes is a trademark brand managed and owned by DID MY Innovations Sdn Bhd, a Social Enterprise formed in 2016. Founded by Stevens Chan and his wife Kaye, Includes was conceived and put into action when Stevens and Kaye realized that the efforts that they were putting into Dialogue in the Dark was just not enough to meet this ever growing need of Enabling and Empowering more PWD beneficiaries nationwide. From operating Dialogue in the Dark as just an Experiential Center, they renovated this acclaimed Innovations into an Academy with a vision to Yield more enabled and empowered PWDs in 2015. To date, the Academy not only uses and offers Dialogue in the Dark as an Interaction and Foundation training for the Visually Impaired; the Academy also offers Dialogue Games Interactive Trainings for the Physically Impaired and also hopefully by 2021, Dialogue in Silence Interactive Trainings for the Hearing and Speech Impaired and Dialogue with Time interactive training facilitated by the senior citizens age 70 and above. All of our PWD trainees will undergo a period of 3-6 months of paid Dialogue Interactive Trainings before moving them into the various Includes Schools that will upon their graduation provide them the respective Job and/or Entrepreneur Opportunities.


Transforming Economic Capacity of the PWD communities globally.


Thru collaborations develop and build various PWD friendly enterprises co-owned by trained PWDs in providing them with financial independence opportunity.


To meet 4 of UN SDGs of equalities in education and economic opportunities leading to 0 poverty through collaboration with partner from the social, private, public and education sectors for the marginalised and oppressed PWD communities


Yielding more Educated, Economically Enabled and Empowered PWDs

The Story of Includes


Stevens smiling to the camera

Hearing visitors to our Dialogue in the Dark exhibition saying, “Thank God I can still see !”

Since losing my eye sight at 45, my reflections were could it have made a difference had I gone for a regular eye health check? Since starting Dialogue in the Dark, this experience has certainly helped us much in shouting for the need to do regular eye health check. “Thank God I still can see”, always brings me satisfaction and joy to know that what we are doing is certainly worth our efforts to prevent people from becoming blind like me.
— Stevens Chan


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